an emard


Chicago, IL

Northwestern University, MFA, 2022
Bennington College, BFA, 2015

Tired Light, Weather Proof, Chicago, IL (2023)
blossom soup, blossom salad, Block Museum of Art, Chicago, IL (2022)
Terrain Biennial, Chicago, IL (2021)
The River Is..., someclouds, Los Angeles, CA (2021)
The World is Full of Wonder, Some Clouds, Los Angeles, CA (2019)
All The Small Things, Steve Turner, Los Angeles, CA (2017)
All-In, Club Pro, Los Angeles, CA (2016)
Skin Ego, Skibum MacArthur, Los Angeles, CA (2016)
If Not Now, When, Usdan Gallery, Bennington, VT (2015)

Special Projects
High Desert Test Sites, Swap-Meet, organized by Lydia Glenn-Murray, 2017
Chin’s Push Artist Residency, Summer Resident, 2016
Co-curator, WACKing the Piñata, ltd los angeles, Los Angeles, CA, 2016

Graduate Research Grant, Northwestern University, 2021
Ed Paschke Graduate Research Grant, 2021
Ed Paschke Graduate Research Grant, 2020

Recommended Downtown Openings and Events, For Your Art, 11 Aug 2016
Sharsten Pledge, Last-Look: WACKing the Piñata, WOAH, 11 Aug 2016
Lindsay Preston Zappas, Skin Ego at Skibum MacArthur, Contemporary Art Review Los Angeles (CARLA), 21 July 2016
The Silo Art Journal, May 2015